1701-3 Volunteering

Duty Recognition

There are various ways in which members can (and do) support the Club. There are roles supporting racing and sailing: either in a safety/mark-laying boat or on a Committee Boat, for Club Racing, Open Meetings, or Leisure Sailing. But there are a number of onshore duties which are equally important. These include car park marshalling, tractor marshalling and shrimping control at our large events, and working parties (both mid-week and weekend) to help maintain the site, buildings, Club boats, Committee Boats, and safety boats. All of these are important. We intend that members be invited to express a preference, at the time of joining or membership renewal, as to which of these duty types they would prefer to do.

The voucher scheme will continue. This is a way of saying thank you from the Club, on behalf of all members, to those who volunteer. Currently vouchers may be used in the bar, to purchase regalia, and since November in the café. Their use will be extended to the café at all times and to Jonti.

This year we introduced annual awards for volunteers who have given most generously of their time, and we will continue with this.

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