Autumn Series Prizegiving and Winners

The prize giving for the Autumn Series was held on Sunday 12th November. Above – Andy and Mark Baldwin – 1st Mono Asymmetric. Below Ann Young, 1st Laser 4.7, Kevin Cummerson, 1st Spitfire, Richard Major – 2nd D-Zero.

Ann YoungKevin CummersonRichard Major

Congratulations to all prize winners, who are:


Flying Fifteen

1st Flying 15 3789              Allen Cave           Ashley Painter

2nd Flying 15 4042            Tim O’Brien          Colin Ferra


1st Laser 204121                Mike Kinnear

2nd Laser 160430              Steve James

3rd Laser 202072               Barrie Holden

Laser Radial

1st Laser Radial 19737        Pete Windsor

2nd Laser Radial 211405     Daniel Wigmore

Laser 4.7

1st Laser 4.7 182246           Ann Young


1st D-Zero 234                     David Summerville

2nd D-Zero 169                   Richard Major

Multi Asymmetric

1st Spitfire Spi S/H 124         Kevin Cummerson

2nd Spitfire Spi S/H 053        Gordy Baines

Multi&Fast Handicap

1st Sprint 15 2022               Stuart Snell

2nd Prindle 15 549              Gerry Reeve

Mono Asymmetric

1st 2000 2714                    Andy Baldwin    Mark Baldwin

2nd 4000 4682                  John Reynolds   Fran Howell

3rd RS200 1653                 Peter Hudson    Adam Hudson

Fast Handicap

1st RS600 866                     Brian Briggs

Slow Handicap

1st K1 43                             Matt French




Fast Handicap

1st Sprint 15 1589                Ashleigh Reeves

2nd 4000 4682                    Matt Reynolds     Fran Howell

3rd Spitfire Spi S/H 124        Kevin Cummerson

Slow Handicap Double

1st Flying 15 3789               Allen Cave           Ashley Painter

2nd Flying 15 3794              Dave Philpott    John Forsdike

Slow Handicap Single

1st  Laser 202072                Barrie Holden

2nd Laser 204121                Mike Kinnear