Bart’s Bash at Grafham – Sunday, September 18th

Bart’s Bash

As in the past two years, this weekend (September 18th), Grafham Water SC will be acting as one of the host venues for Bart’s Bash. Bart’s Bash is a global sailing race taking place at hundreds of venues, with thousands of sailors in hundreds of different classes of boat around the world. The event commemorates the life and achievements of Bart Simpson, who sadly died during training for the last America’s Cup competition. It aims to raise money to support the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation – a charity established to open up the sport of sailing to young people for whom it would not otherwise be accessible, for example, because of lack of finance, a physical or learning disability, mental health or social barriers. To see something of what the foundation has achieved in its first two years, visit the web site.

Bart’s Bash at Grafham

We have designated the Sunday morning race on September 18th as ‘Bart’s Bash at Grafham‘. There will be four handicap races, sailing a common course, with starts at 3-minute intervals as follows:

Warning Signal
Fast Handicap 10:55
Slow Two-ContributingHandicap 10:58
Slow Single-handed Handicap 11:01
The Friendly Start with various slow handicaps 11:04

Your race result will be based on the time you take to complete the course, corrected for boat handicap. The course length will be measured on the day and reported to the Bart’s Bash team so that they can relate your performance to that of all the other competitors at all the participating venues. A complete list of results will be published in due course on the Bart’s Bash web site.

Note that the Grafham race will NOT form part of our regular Sunday morning series.

You need to be aware of – and perhaps even read! – the following documents:

Overall Notice of Racing.

Overall (generic) Sailing Instructions

Supplementary Sailing Instructions. These specify how we shall manage the event at Grafham.

Entering the Race

The event is both a major international race and a fund-raiser for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. You will be able to enter on the day, by signing-on as usual in the ground-floor café (where there will be facilities to receive your voluntary contribution). However, you may wish to sign-up and donate on-line at the Bart’s Bash web site.

Good Luck – and Good Sailing!