Club Racing: 19th March

On Sunday 19 March it is the Sprint 15 Winter Traveller Open which is run in with Club Racing. As in previous years, tor the first two races of the day, the Sprint 15 catamarans start will begin the sequence. The 0 board is the Sprint 15s 3 minute warning and they will start on numeral 3. Thus all the club fleets will retain their existing numerals for their start sequence,   All other (Non Sprint 15) catamarans will still be fleet 3 and will not start with the Sprint 15s. The Sprint 15 Open meeting only involves the first 2 races of the day*  so we will revert to the normal start sequence for the 3rd and 4th race. 

* hopefully the morning races unless there is a postponement when the afternoon start(s) could be used.