The club treasurer is responsible for producing and managing the club’s accounts and finances and will oversee all income and expenditure for the club.

What we are looking for?

  • You will be enthusiastic with a good knowledge of managing finances.
  • You will have a financial background and good knowledge of managing and producing accounts.
  • You will have a knowledge of using and producing accounting spreadsheets or other accounting systems.
  • You will be reliable and honest.
  • You will have a knowledge of various banking systems such as direct debit.

What do we and the club expect from the club treasurer?

  • To be responsible for all club finances by ensuring adequate accounts and records exist, and that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly.
  • To plan the annual budget in agreement with the club committee and to monitor throughout the year.
  • To prepare end-of-year accounts and present to the auditor, management committee and AGM.
  • To plan floats with members who would need to collect or pay out cash and make them aware of procedures.
  • To be responsible for maintaining records of any wages/salaries paid and for meeting the requirements of HMRC.
  • To work with the Club paid staff administration team, including the Club Manager and Book-keeper.
  • To join the Club’s Council and its ‘Finance and General Purposes’ committee.

Level of commitment required

Estimated as:

  • One day per month to prepare quarterly management accounts.
  • Participation in Club Council meetings (currently virtual) approx. two hours every six weeks.
  • Participation in Club Council’s ‘Finance and General Purposes’ committee meetings (currently virtual) approx. one hour every two weeks.
  • Preparation of year-end accounts, setting up the audit, liaising with auditors.
  • Preparation of the draft budget for Council approval approx. one day.
  • will include attendance at club meetings, and ongoing budget and financial responsibilities.

What support can you expect?

  • Treasurer Handover Notes.
  • Access to the advice and experience of all the Club’s Flag Officers, including the President, Commodore, and Rear Commodores.
  • Access to the advice and experience of previous Club Treasurers.
  • Access to the Club management and administration team, particularly the Club Manager (Heather Dance) and the Book-keeper (Anna Aldridge) who manages the day-to-day Club transactions.

What will you gain from the experience?

This is an integral, detail-orientated role which success and impact on the club will be determined by your own integrity and enthusiasm.

As well as your ability to contribute to the management and governance of the club, it is an opportunity to take on a new challenge and facilitate the growth and development the club’s finances.