Coronavirus FAQ

To help in understanding the current situation at the Club as a result of Coronavirus, we have put together the following FAQ. If you have a question you think we should address here, please email the Webmaster.

Q: There is a red and yellow flag flying. What does this mean?

A: The flag means ‘Open with Restrictions’. This is because there is no formal safety cover. The Coxswain may decide to limit the sailing area dependent on the prevailing conditions (wind strength and direction). Any restrictions in place will be posted on a notice board in the entrance to the Coxswain’s shed. For example, the sailing area may be limited to that bounded by marks C, K, F and X and you should stay within this area.

Q: What is the best way for us to leisure sail in these circumstances?

A: We recommend a ‘buddy’ system. Pair up (or three if an odd number) and sail together, in similar speed boats if possible. If one boat stops, so should the other. If one boat capsizes, the other MUST stand by. When the water is cold, after one full immersion return to shore as there are no showers to warm up. Always ensure that you are competent for the conditions – able to right your boat after a capsize and return to shore.

Q: Can I go in the shed to talk to the Coxswain about the conditions?

A: The health and safety of club staff and members is our main concern. If you need to speak briefly (for example to clarify the ‘restrictions’ notice) please keep a good distance from him and talk on a 1-to-1 basis, rather than as a group. If you want a more detailed discussion, you can contact him by telephone on the club number (01480 810478).

Q: What do I do if I need something from the Chandlery?

A: You need to call (01480 810478) or email the office, they will get your order together, take payment over the phone and put your order in the Coxswain’s shed to be collected.

Q: I am planning to do maintenance on my boat or boat space. Can I borrow the strimmer or tools from the Coxswain?

A: Not at the moment, as it would be necessary to disinfect everything after use. Please bring your own tools from home.

Q: Is the club providing any on-site catering?

A: No, the café will remain closed. We suggest you bring a flask with a hot drink or soup.

Q: Why is the clubhouse closed? How long will this situation continue?

A: We have imposed the current restrictions until at least 30th April, in line with RYA recommendations. The club is keeping the situation under constant review and we will aim to identify any safe ways to minimise disruption to our members on an ongoing basis. Please understand that the actions we are taking are for the good of everyone in the community.


Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time for everyone.