Covid-19 Operating Procedures

Last updated 14th September 2021

If you, or someone in your household, has symptoms of Covid-19 or has received a positive test result, please do not visit the Club.

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms have limited space: 20 in the Gents’ and 10 in the Ladies’. Access is controlled by a token system; take a token at the bottom of the steps and return it when you have finished changing. If there are no tokens, there is no space so please wait for someone to return a token.

Only use the areas that are not taped off, and are marked by a blue mat. Do not leave any belongings in the changing rooms. There is a limit of three people at a time in the Gents’ showers.

Access to the Office

Wear a face covering when entering the building. The office can be accessed via the main entrance opposite the roundabout. There is a one-way system on the stairs; follow the signs and always turn to the right when going up or down. If there is someone ahead of you, wait on the landing until they have gone.

The rest of the top floor of the clubhouse is closed except when the bar is open.


There is a one-way system in the cafe. Enter through the door at the northwest corner and leave by the door on the east side. Wear a face covering when buying items from the cafe. Maintain social distancing when queuing to buy items. All doors and windows (including the fire escapes) are to be open whenever the cafe is in use. There is no access to the changing rooms from the cafe.

Coxswain’s Shed

No-one except staff and GWSC volunteers are to enter the Coxswain’s shed. If you need to speak to the Coxswain please remain outside the main door.

More detailed guidance can be found here.