Flying Fifteen Fleet Newsletter – April 17th

Easter Salver

The first Fleet ‘special’ of 2017 was sailed in a fresh breeze on Easter Sunday. After the unseasonably balmy conditions of previous weeks, things felt a bit chilly, but the five crews who showed up faced the prospect of serious exercise which soon got the circulation going. I didn’t compete (my crew was unfortunately ‘indisposed’) so the following results are based entirely on Sailwave records which I received this morning. I trust I’ve got them right – and I’m sure people will not be slow in correcting me if I’ve made errors!

Easter Salver (2017)
Four races, three to count
Place Helm Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 OVERALL
Points Points Points Points Points
1 Mark Longstaff Ben Longstaff 1 1 1 (6) 3
2 Allen Cave Ashley Painter 2 3 (4) 1 6
3 Julian Clarke Colin Burns 3 2 2 (6) 7
4 Jonathan Knight Trish Knight (5) 5 3 2 10
5 Bob Gatton John Forsdike 4 4 5 (6) 13

Reminder (1)

Please remember that, in a club series, points are awarded to the helm. This may seem unfair to those of you who keep your helms dry, as well as doing most of the work: but that’s life – fairness rarely comes into it!

Anyway, Sailing Instruction 19 makes it clear that, although you may race with different crews and count all these results towards your series placing, if different helms sail a boat in a club series then each new helm is regarded as a new entry. It would be of enormous help to your long-suffering fleet scorer – and to the girls in the office – if, when a ‘new’ helm races your boat, he / she signs on as a separate entry – perhaps suffixing the sail number (e.g. 3794a) to make things clearer.

Note that, if you purchase a new boat mid-series, then you should seek approval from the Race Committee to combine results from your old and new boat.

Reminder (2)

Your Fleet Treasurer has asked me to remind you that fleet subscriptions  (Helm: £8.00, Crew £6.00) are now due. Please send cheques (payable to Grafham Flying Fifteens) / small change / contributions in kind to John Forsdike at:





John is also happy to accept payment in person on Wednesday evenings or Sundays (in season!)