Flying Fifteen Newsletter: 1st August, 2016

Sailing Gallery

IMGP2264 It was RIB duty for me and Jim Hibbert on Sunday. As a result, I was faced with a number of extra-curricular responsibilities – such as bemoaning the state of the Labour Party and wrapping the occasional line round the propellor: these meant that I was unable to pay my customary attention to the racing. I had, however, remembered to pack a camera and you can see selected results in the gallery below.
Concentration – or is it just muscle cramp again?

Should anyone want to record an account of the day’s hostilities, I’d be happy to publish: meanwhile, all I can usefully do is to bemoan the return of the Longstaffs to their accustomed first place and to congratulate Tim O’Brien and Julian Clarke (each with their respective Colin) as ‘best of the rest’.

After lunch, Mark & Ben retired to the pub (they may have done a bit of essential maintenance first), leaving the way clear for Nick & Peter and Dave & Jenny to dispute bragging rights in a (slightly) depleted fleet.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

Message from the Company of Grand Chevaliers

Many  thanks for the piece about our lunch, a very special day for me when Alan presented me with his latest cartoon. Hr really is a master at this sort of thing, Not only for the clever idea but in the drawing itself.

I am so fortunate to now have two of these special cartoons, as good as the award.

Everyone has been so kind about this award and I wonder if you could mention my thanks in your next news letter.

When we came to sail last Wednesday everyone was so helpful in getting the boat in without any effort from me and it was the same when we came back to the jetty.’

John Clifton

John (and Ann Grubb!) also pointed out to me, with extreme tact, the decrepitude of my memory cells and logic circuits. The name of John’s boat was, of course, ‘Jean Clare‘. It was another lady altogether that I was thinking of when I drafted last week’s offering.

An apology and an explanation

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The way round this is to select ‘News’ from the Mobile Home Page: you’re then directed to the home page of the main site, from where you can access the Newsletter – and all other web posts – by going to the ‘Latest News’ box at bottom right.