New Buoys

All the buoys are blue…

…except for X, which has been renewed but is still red. All the Club’s other fixed buoys have now been replaced by new blue barrels. So why did we get rid of  the yellow and yellow/black buoys? Because the paint comes off too easily and thus they are hard to maintain. The new buoys are made of all-blue plastic barrels.

X crop

You might then ask how is Area 1 marked. Area 1 still applies but you will need to know which buoys mark it rather than look for look for all-yellow or yellow/black buoys. Safety Committee will soon make a recommendation to Council about a new definition of a safe area to sail in when the Area 1 flag is flying.

The astute among you might notice that buoy C (Club buoy) has moved to the east. The reason is to give a wider separation between X and C to make these marks more versatile as racing marks.

Many thanks to John Aston, Matt French, David McNamee, and Andy Taylor, and to Andy for preparing the new buoys.