Sunday Series Racing

The 2020-2021 Winter Series starts on 1st November 2020 and runs until 28th January. Click for:

Sunday club racing takes place weekly throughout the year (except when the water is closed). The races are organised in series of approximately 10 weeks each. All racing is started and finished in the vicinity of a Committee Boat, from which the racing is controlled. Courses use a combination of club marks and special marks which may be pillar buoys or dan buoys.

On Sunday mornings there are two races in the morning with multiple starts. Fleet results are extracted for Flying Fifteens, Lasers (including Radial and 4.7) and D-Zeros, with all other boats racing within one of the handicap fleets.

On normal Sunday afternoons, there are two handicap races, with three fleet starts in each.

Between the beginning of November and the end of February there are three races sailed back-to-back.

Dates for the 2020 Sunday series are:

  • Sunday AM Series: 1st March to 26th April
  • Sunday PM Spring Series: 1st March to 19th April
  • Sunday AM Summer Series: 3rd May to 26th July
  • Sunday PM Summer Series: 3rd May to 26th July except for Past Masters on the afternoon of 28th June and the Summer Cup on the afternoon of 26th July
  • Sunday Autumn Series: 2nd August to 25th Octobe

The August Bank Holiday regatta will be run over the weekend 29th August to 31st August. The results will be derived from Social Saturday, Sunday afternoon plus the long distance Monday race.

The Duke of Edinburgh will be all day on 20th September.

In 2020 there is a special short Sunday series between the end of the Winter Series and the start of the Spring Series, called the Leap Year Series. The series runs from 2nd to 23rd February. Click for the Notice of Race

Further details of start times, composition of starts and race organisation for the current series are published in the Notices of Race and in the Sailing Instructions.

Click through to view racing handicaps in use at Grafham.

Between November and February, three races are scheduled, sailed ‘back-to-back’. (Competitors remain in the starting area after completion of the first two races and the next race begins as soon as possible after the last competitor has completed the course).