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 Crew Register – List of Available Crew

The following table lists current offers in our Crew Register to crew boats at Grafham. Please use the contact details below to follow up any in which you are interested. If there are no suitable offers, why not register your details in our ‘Crew Required‘ database?

Offers to Crew

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Sarah Gouliouris
I love sailing. I use to crew an International 14 on the circuit. However due to career and family commitments haven’t sailed for a long time, so would love to get back on the water for some fun.
Peter Sedivec
moved to UK in Aug from California, lots of sailing/racing experience but it's been 10yrs since I've sailed regularly (before children)
Max Oscroft
19 year old instructor wanting to sail a skiff in the winter
Agatha Bejan
Jon Durbin
I’m an ex-Laser ex-GWSC sailor looking to get an RS400 to race with my adult/near adult children. I’d like though to try one out as a crew before hand. Thanks.
Dan Lisowski
Brand new to cat sailing. Looking to crew to gain a bit more experience.
Michael Mccready
I have some sailing experience but would like to race as an enthusiastic crew member. Flying 15’s look like fun but I will try anything to be honest .
Alastair Emerson
I have some history in flying fifteens having raced them with a modicum of success around the country for in the 70s and 80s before moving into Dragons. I would probably be quite rusty now as most of my sailing and racing since then has been in larger yachts.
Alastair Emerson
I am available Sundays and Wednesdays
Art Samaras
New to the area, moved from the US to Kimbolton. Mainly experienced with larger keel boats, but looking to cruise or sale on dingys or keels. Thanks!
Dean Hurley
i have really no experience, however I am a very intelligent, quick and hands on learner. i gaurantee that I would prove to be a valuable asset to anyone willing to teach me.
I am in my late 40's and not raced for some time but I used to race in both nationals and internationals.
Harry Moffatt
Alistair Freeborn
Tim O'Brien
Happy to helm or crew
Nick Taylor