The Asymmetric Fleet at Grafham


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At Grafham we have the ideal location for Asymmetric dinghies, being 3 miles long and nearly 1.5 miles across we get big predominately up wind down wind courses, not to mention 4 races every weekend!

Our fleet is made up of the following popular classes:

RS 100’s 200’S, 400’S, 500’s, 700’S and 800’S

2000’s, Laser 3000’s, 4000’s, 5000’s Stratos, Vago

Topaz Magno, Omega, Musto Skiff, 49er,

So if the thrill of asymmetric racing is what you are seeking or looking to get involved with, then we are definitely the club that should be at the top of your list to visit. We are sure you will not be disappointed with our great membership packages and the friendly support you will get from our fleet captains, who will introduce you to fleet members and help you settle in.

 Photos here (mainly L4000) from Club racing on April 27th

 Video clips from the fleet