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Club Cats Grafham has about 100 cats in the dinghy park. These include: Hurricane 5.9s, Hawks, Inter 17s, Spitfires, Shadows, Hobie 16s, Dart 18s and 16s, Sprint15s, Stealths, Prindles and many more. Catamarans are grouped into Fast/Asymmetric and Slow handicap fleets, with the dividing line being a SCHRS of 113.5. The Fast/Asymmetric fleets sail upwind/downwind courses. Currently, the most regular turn out is from the Sprint 15s, Dart 18s, Prindle 15s and single-handers (Inter 17s and Shadows). It is a very friendly fleet with a wide range of abilities from beginners to national champions, making Grafham an ideal venue and we host the prestigious end of season open in mid-October.

Fleet Officers

Fleet Captain: Neil Klabe

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