Non-Native Species

Grafham Water Sailing Club supports the policy set by Anglian Water and the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs to help restrict the spread of non-native species in our water. The principle of Check Clean Dry already applies to craft and equipment both leaving our premises and those being brought to the Club. Anglian Water, working with English Nature, have introduced an additional byelaw at all their waterparks, including Grafham Water, saying:

no boat shall enter a Water Park with the intention of launching onto the water without being checked, cleaned and fully dried before arriving at the Water Park. Visiting boats must sign in at the point of access to confirm this process has been carried out before arriving at the park.

Club members are asked to ensure that, when they are bringing their boats to Grafham from other localities, boats and equipment have been checked, cleaned and fully dried before arriving at the Club. At the moment there is no requirement for Club members to sign to confirm this has been carried out, but please make sure that you comply with the process. As a guide, there should be a minimum of two days drying time between wash down and being used on another water.