Sociable Saturday 13th January 2018

Firstly, I would like to welcome Sylwia, Conor and Anton to our happy group.  I met Sylwia and Conor today and I believe Anton was there last week.  Welcome and we are pleased to have you join us.

Probably the most notable item of news today was that there was NO CAKE!  Richard Major came to help us as well as Ian and they were both devastated!  I did actually make some biscuits but they didn’t quite work and although they taste fine they didn’t look up to the mark so were left behind!  I promise to make some for next week and Neal has offered for the following week.  I believe Sylwia is entering into the spirit of the group as I think she will make some for the following week!  Anyone else can book there turn!!

It was a fabulous day’s sailing.  We were sent off to play around C whilst Ian helped Sylwia rig the club laser.  The wind was fun with some lively gusts.  Sylwia and Conor joined in gamely and did well.  I decided that I would not go in for hiking practice but let the sail out as I didn’t fancy swimming today.

We sailed a windward/leeward course using C and a moving mark which got rather close to C at one point.  Some of us were out for a long sail, trying to stop at C and go backwards if we couldn’t stop.  I seem to have forgotten how to go backwards but Neal is an expert.

I have at last solved the cold feet problem and here is my remedy.

Firstly, I put on Rooster hot socks, then Rooster PolyPro socks, then dry suit, then pop socks and then my new size 9 boots which give room for the feet to move and not get cold.   Andy, how were your new gloves last week?

When we reached the shore, Neal helped Sylwia take her boat up but noticed it was very heavy.  They took the bung out and it was FULL of water!  Ann did you notice that on Tuesday?

The lack of cake was then discovered as we came in for lunch.  However, no-one looked particularly starved.  We discussed various things and then got on to how many things we did wrong whilst sailing!  It was time for a shower before I got told all my misdemeanours!

Wendy Horton