Sociable Saturday 24th March 2018

After howling winds all winter we were left drifting today.  Fortunately no rain to dampen our spirits.  A relatively small turnout with Steve, Becky, Pete, Edda & Ann to the fore, apologies to those I didn’t clock as I snook out early to join some D-Zeros training together.  Once I saw the Sociable Saturday crew on the water I ‘rushed’ over as fast as the wind would allow to join in some cheating practice with Ian.  The idea being to rock and roll, build boat speed and feel the rhythm.  And you thought this was sailing.  Strangely Dotty found this rather easy beating and running but absolutely hopeless reaching.  And the usual technique of sticking the boom as high in the air whilst running was hopeless without enough wind and I found the reverse of heeling leeward worked far better.  Becky again put on a masterclass and even Ann was standing up swinging her hips.

Low calorie tiffin and choc chip fairy cakes courtesy of Ann and I managed to replenish the energy.  Ian regaled us with stories of huge Brazilian and Mexican waves, to the point that sailing down them and losing the wind in the trough leads to them catching you up, catching the wind on top and being dumped over the other side.  Quite what this had to do with the ripples we had today I couldn’t figure out.  But then there is still much about sailing I’m yet to figure out.  Although I did get a compliment from him about Dotty’s trim which made her smile.

Thank to Ian for another instructive day.  And whoever the chap was helping him in the RIB.

Best wishes to Wendy and for a speedy recovery.  Yes please I hear you all say, as you can’t take much more of this drivel, get the proper reporter back.

Fingers crossed for fine weather over the Easter break.  I’m planning to be there at least Sat and Sun but game to sneak out on either Friday or Monday as well.

Neal Sanders