Club Boats

GWSC Training Fleet

The club has a fleet of boats that are available for hire by competent club members when they’re not being used for training courses.

The prices for hiring the boats are:

Pico / Topper / RS Tera / Laser Radial / Laser Standard/Windsurf 2000/Dart 16/Laser Stratos
Sat/Sun mornings 09:30 13:00 £15 £25
Sat/Sun afternoons 13:30 17:00 £15 £25
Mon-Fri mornings 10:30 – 13:00 £15 £25
Mon-Fri afternoons 13:30 – 17:00 £15 £25
Wed/Fri evening 17:30 – close £10 £20

Advance bookings can be made for a maximum of two sessions bookable for any future date. If you’ve already booked two sessions, further additional sessions can be booked a maximum of one week in advance.

Special rates apply for Team Grafham, Club Coaching, Sociable Saturdays, #thisgirlcan and LGW.

Contact the office if you want to make a booking.