The Club is a limited company, limited by guarantee. Council forms the Board of Management of the club.  It operates within the terms of the Rules of the Club. Under these rules, ‘the management of the Club shall be solely in the hands of the Council’ who are required to ‘apply the funds of property of the Club or any gain arising from the carrying on of the Club, solely in accordance with the Memorandum and the Articles of Association.

Council consists of the Officers of the Club and not more than ten Full Members elected by the Club in General Meeting. The Officers of the Club are the Commodore, the Vice Commodore, two Rear Commodores and the Club Treasurer. Two-thirds of the Council must be owners or part-owners of boats. At the Annual General Meeting, held each year in June or July, up to four of the elected Members of the Council retire (in order of seniority of election).

Council currently meets monthly, although the frequency of its meetings is not laid down in the Club Rules. It is empowered to set up Committees of Council (under the chairmanship of a member of Council) to carry its business forward. The following committees are currently active:

  • Finance & General Purposes Committee. Meeting monthly under the chairmanship of the Commodore, F&GP is effectively the Club’s Executive Board, primarily but not exclusively concerned with finance and personnel and other operational matters.
  • Racing Committee. Deals with all aspects of the club racing programme, Chair: Ian Rawet. Committee membership includes the Chair and up to five other Council members. Council has the power to co-opt as additional members, elected captains of fleets and other experienced yachtsmen.. Notes of the meetings of Racing Committee are published here.
  • Safety Committee. Responsible for all aspects of on water safety at the club. Chair: David McNamee

Members of Council elected at the AGM in July 2019 are as follows:

Commodore                         John Aston

Vice Commodore                  Ian Rawet

Rear Commodore                 Tim O’Brien

Treasurer                              Stan Dwight

Other Council Members:

Michael Edwards

Andy Baker

Dave Philpott

Gordy Baines

Mark Rushton

Hilary Talbot

Colin Glover

Roy Harold

Any of the Officers or Council members can be contacted through the office at; the Commodore can be contacted directly at

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