1701-2 Volunteering

Moderating the duty burden

All duties are expressed as half days. Whilst we expect (and hope) that many will volunteer for the whole day (i.e. two duties), we did receive feedback that for some, setting aside a whole day is difficult. This measure is designed to give more flexibility to those who cannot set aside the whole day. In practice what this means is that we allocate Sunday Committee Boat and safety boat duties supporting Club Racing, and Saturday safety boat duties as half days (ie am or pm). Open Meeting duties, for which activity is continuous, are allocated for the whole day but count as “double” duties. Wednesday evenings counts as a half-day duty.

The number of duties has been reduced in some areas. The Race Committee Boat crew numbers on Sundays for Club Racing are three in the morning and two in the afternoon, and the number of safety boats rostered for Club Racing on a Sunday afternoon is one only. Sunday afternoon duties are not required in the winter months (November to February) when we do not have organised racing. Also, on Saturdays during the winter months, duty RIB crews are rostered only when there is unsupported organised Club sailing activity.

We are making some progress on ways of automating the Committee Boat processes which may enable us to make further reductions in the number of people required in the future.

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