1701-4 Volunteering

Responsibility for Duties

Non-sailing members are a key part of our volunteer team and include, in particular, safety boat and race officer teams who give most generously of their time. We are grateful for this and will continue to appreciate those non-sailing members who are willing to do duties. Also we welcome our junior members who would like to volunteer.

For sailing members, we believe the duty burden should be shared across the membership but with a greater responsibility on those who race regularly. Hitherto we have not always been explicit in stating what the expectation is of members, so we are now setting it out in the following terms.

All Adult and Youth Sailing members will be expected to do one duty (ie one half day) (on the water or onshore)

In addition, those who race should do further duties to support their racing, so:

  • Wednesday evening racers will be expected to do one duty supporting Wednesday evening racing
  • Sunday racers will be expected to do two Sunday duties (ie two half days or one full day) supporting Sunday racing.

We will allow flexibility as far as possible so that, for instance, someone who would find it easier to do an additional (half day) Saturday or Sunday duty than a Wednesday duty may do so.

All members will be asked if they are willing to carry out duties beyond this expectation: we hope that, as is currently the case, many will do so.

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