Wednesday 29th August 2018

Where do I start?

The last race in the series and we were greeted with a gentle to moderate breeze!

In the Fast fleet the Smith combo showed Jon Sweet, who had been in 1st position all summer that it is a ‘Snicker not a Sprint’ and youngish Dan Wigmore returned from trucking around the country to get the 1st he required to steel the Slow series from a heart broken Phil Bevan.

While the winners organise their Open Top Bus parade around Perry, let us pause for a moment’s silence for Mark Rushton who for much of the summer was in the top three and fairly confident on finishing 2nd or 3rd at worst. But as the final gun hooted on the final evening and while tucking into half a chicken, examining the results 3rd was only a dream as he finished 4th in the Fast fleet and 4th in the overall table.

Let us also have a very small pause for Dave Philpott who was nudged into 2nd on count back.

Don’t forget to check your start time for the pursuit race next week!!

Last Nights Results.

Fast Fleet.

1st Stewart & Will Smith                                NACRA 16 Spi D/H

2nd Jon Sweet & Olly Dwight                        FORMULA 18

3rd Stuart Snell                                            SPRINT 15

Slow Double

1st Simon Dabson & Flynn Davies                  FF

2nd Bob Gatton & Jim Coates                        FF

3rd Nigel Cady & Ken Norris                         FF

Slow single

1st Dan Wigmore                                             LASER

2nd Dave Summerville                                      LASER

3RD Phil Bevan`                                               LASER

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

It’s not about the wind strength and sunshine at the sharp end of the fleets as we enter the final race next week. I thought the fast fleet was done and dusted, but how wrong could I be.

Stewart and Will Smith took the gun last night and if they get a bullet in the final race next week they will take the glory!

It’s the same in the Slow single fleet where it will be squeaky bum time for Dan as I think if Phil gets a 1st he nudges Dan into second.

For the also rans there is the opportunity next week to get a top six finish and maybe finish in the top ten or twenty.

By the way it was a beautiful sunny south westerly F3.


Fast Fleet.

1st Stewart & Will Smith                                 NACRA 16 Spi D/H

2nd Andy Baldock & Emily Cummerson          RS400

3rd Gerry Reeve                                            PRINDLE 15SP

Slow Double

1st Simon Dabson & Flynn Davies               FF

2nd Les Rant & Susie Sontag                       FF

3rd Dave Philpott & John Forsdike               FF

Slow single

1st Ewan Birkin-Walls                                      SOLO

2nd Phil Bevan                                               LASER

3rd Alexander Maclay                                    TOPPER

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Another good breeze! South west F4 occasionally F5. This was a very interesting evening.

There were numerous gusts racing over the lake in small patches and if you were in the right place at the right time you just took off and could easily gain 100m on the boats around you who missed the ride by a matter of inches.

A few of the pot hunters were back from their holidays and with only 3 races left you could feel the tension on the start line!

With gold medals now decided in the Fast and Slow double fleets there are still 10 medals up for grabs which will go down to the final gun on the final day!! Now is not the time to count any chickens!

P.S. A terrific result for Alexander and Natalie. I think this will become a regular occurrence in the next year or two.


Fast Fleet.

1st Jon Sweet & Olly Dwight                                         FORMULA 18

2nd Richard Philpott                                                     SPRINT 15

3rd Peter Curtis                                                            RS300

The three amigos in the K6 could have won but I think the first mate possibly failed to sign on!

Slow Double

1st Nigel Cady & Ken Norris                                     FF

2nd Alexander & Natalie Maclay                              RS FEVA XL

3rd Dave Philpott & John Forsdike                             FF

Slow single

1st Dave McClay                                                                LASER

2nd Dan Wigmore                                                              LASER

3RD Phil Bevan                                                                   LASER

Wednesday 8th August 2018

At last a decent breeze! For the first time in a while we enjoyed a steady F4 although the shifts were quite noticeable.

Even IR made a rare appearance as he gets in some practice for the forthcoming Laser Masters World Championships next month. IR has had some fine results in past years , finishing 3rd in 19??

I reluctantly need to share with you how David Goodie was OCS. David capsized seconds before the start and his mast crossed the line and Jim Hawkins sounded a second toot! Mustn’t laugh!!

Thanks to the working party who harvested much of the weed which made launching much easier.

Don’t forget 6.30pm start next week.


Fast Fleet.

1st Jon Sweet & Olly Dwight                                    FORMULA 18

2nd Peter Curtis & Steve Crammond                        RS500

3rd Sam Neal & Crew                                             RS400

Slow Double

1st Bob Gatton & Jim Coates                                   FF

2nd Nigel Cady & Ken Norris                                  FF

3rd Richard Marshall & Geoff Parkinson                  FF

4th Gordon Oscroft & Alaster Gray                         FF

Slow single

1st Dan Wigmore                                              LASER

2nd Colin Glover                                               D-ZERO

3RD Ciaran Randeria                                         LASER RADIAL

Wednesday 1st August

Well August did bring a little more breeze. Just enough to favour the D-Zero handicap or Bandit handicap as Barrie likes to call it!

Yesterday was all about weed. It was very difficult getting away from the shore and even more so coming in. We nearly lost Jon Quick as he decided to jump for it and walk his boat in. Unfortunately for Jon it was still 5 fathoms deep!

On the plus side in the next Queens speech her majesty’s Government will shortly be introducing new legislation which will allow the sale of weed, for medicinal purposes only!! So let’s fill our boots and cash in.

Editor’s note: the weed problem is going to be tackled by special working parties on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons next week (7th, 8th and 11th). Please let the office know if you are able to help


Fast Fleet.

1st Andrew Johnson & Duncan Simmons                  RS400

2nd Mark Rushton                                                   RS600

3rd Stuart Snell                                                       SPRINT 15

Slow Double

1st David Philpott & John Forsdyke                                          FF

2nd Bob Glatton & Jim Coates                                                FF

3rd Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson ( we are only human!)         FF

Slow single

1st Mandy Sweet                                              D-ZERO

2nd Colin Glover                                             D-ZERO

3RD Ewan Birkin-Walls                                     SOLO

Wednesday 25th July

The lack of wind was the theme for July and once again it didn’t disappoint. All the interesting bits happened at the start.

Mr James, sailing his hollowed out log gave everyone a 5 minute head start in the fast fleet.

Dave Philpott had a rant with another FF, possibly Geoff but I’m not sure who protested who?

And finally I have made an appointment for Nigel with Specsavers as Dave Williams and I had the perfect transit and were never OCS, sob sob!

We are now entering the final few weeks with everything to play for, particularly between Geoff and Dave in their Flying Fifteens where it could well be decided on count back.

Let’s hope August brings a little more breeze!!!


Fast Fleet.

1st Sam Neal & Marc Wood                                    RS400

2nd Duncan Simmonds & Andy Johnson                  RS400

3rd Andy Baldock & Emily Commerson                    RS400

Slow Double

1st Guy & Sarah Humphrey                           RS200

2nd David Philpott & John Forsdyke               FF

3rd Geoff Floyd & Colin Gilbert                     FF

Slow Single

1st Ewan Birkin-Walls                                       SOLO

2nd Dave Goudie                                             SOLO

3rd Barrie Holden                                             LASER

Wednesday 18th July

No wind! And I mean no wind!!

Anticipating that racing was going to be binned I had chat with our second best SOLO sailor on the art of light air sailing but Ewan was not about to divulge any of his secrets.

Some strange people began to rig their boats, presumably to alter settings and alike. I was shocked when I heard the committee boat chug out and set a course.

So here are the facts of the race.

The fast fleet started at 19.00 and finished at 19.29 The Slow double started at 19.02 and finished at 19.31 and the Slow single fleet started at 19.04 and finished at 19.33. This suggests to me that everyone drifted along at the same pace.

There were several PB’s on the night, as follows:

John Reynolds getting a 1st
Andrew Johnson finishing 2nd
Al Fraser a 4th
Peter Gee a 5th
Joe McManniman a millennium best of an 8th

I think it may be a couple of weeks before Notus gives us a F4.


Fast Fleet.

1st John Reynolds & David Marchant                  4000

2nd Andrew Johnson & Duncan Simmonds         RS400

3rd Jon Sweet & Olly Dwight                              FORMULA 18

Slow Double

1st Guy Humphrey & Long John Silver      RS200

2nd David Philpott & John Forsdyke          FF

3rd Gordon Oscroft & Alaster Gray          FF

Slow single

1st Ewan Birkin-Walls                                    SOLO

2nd David Williams                                       LASER

3rd Phil Bevan                                               LASER

st george flag

Wednesday 11th July

Despite the clash with another minor sporting event, 36 boats turned out on another beautiful sunny evening with a F2-3 north-easterly. RO Richard Keyworth set a fairly short course and flew the S flag after 45 minutes to give people a chance of catching the second half,

It seems that whenever Al James takes his Canoe out he leads the fast fleet and today was no exception. There were a few dark mutterings in the bar afterwards about the IC’s handicap.

The Flying Fifteen turnout in the slow double-handers was down again this week, with only four plus one Wayfarer venturing out, presumably all the rest stayed at home to cheer on England.

Lasers were again at the front in the slow single-handers which was won by Dave Maclay, although Dave Goudie kept the Solo end up with a third place.

Shame about the other result!


Fast Fleet

1st Alisdair James                                   Int Canoe

2nd Duncan Simonds & Andy Johnson    RS400

3rd John Reynolds & Fran Howell            4000

Slow Double-handers

1st Bob Gatton & Jim Coates                   FF

2nd Graham Wadely & Angela Tasker     FF

3rd Geoff Floys & Colin Gilbert                FF

Slow Single-handers

1st David Maclay                Laser

2nd Robbie MacDonald      Laser

3rd Dave Goudie                Solo

Normal service will be resumed on Joe’s return next week.

Wednesday 4th JulyWeds-4-Jul-1

This week’s contribution comes from a mystery guest blogger.

At 6:30pm a steady flow of cars was leaving the car park, having decided that the forecast 5 knots by 7:30 was an impossibility. However, RO Alisdair James had faith and set a small course towards F. He was joined by at least 30 optimistic sailors although at 7pm there was not a breath of wind. Several enthusiasts somehow managed to be over the line and had to go back, which was quite an achievement in the prevailing conditions. The culprits did all go back, including the Formula 18 who took at least a minute to get his second hull back over the line. Ewan Birkin-Walls in the sole Solo beat the only Cat to the first mark despite his start being 6 minutes later. The wind filled in as those in the know expected, although nowhere near the 5 knots that was forecast.

Weds-4-Jul-2The Fast fleet consisted of one Contender and Jon Sweet in the Formula 18 who was beaten for a change, well done Mark!

Nigel and Fiona Denchfield led the fleet of four slow double-handers which for once included only one Flying Fifteen. Seventeen boats (mostly Lasers) braved cramped conditions in the slow single-hander fleet which was won by a good margin by the Solo.



Fast Fleet

1st Mark Rushton                           Contender

2nd Jon Sweet and Ollie Dwight     Formula 18

Slow Double-Handers

1st Nigel Denchfield & Fiona Denchfield       Lark

2nd Guy Humphrey & Sarah Humphrey        RS200

3rd Geoff Floyd & Colin Gilbert                    FF

Slow Single-Handers

1st Ewan Birkin-Walls             Solo

2nd David Williams                Laser

3rd Dave Maclay                    Laser

Notice that in Joe’s absence Will Smith is missing from the results.

Wednesday 27th June 2018

A good F4 north easterly in glorious summer sun. Very nice!

We had the A team on duty who duly set a course of PMJXW. Great course but who can remember 5 letters in a row.

We all trucked off following Will Smith to PHMJXW

Steve James was attempting unprecedented back to back podium finishes for the first time but made a complete sow’s ear of the first gybe. As such gets a mention two weeks running.


Fast Fleet.

1st Will Smith & Will Smith                            NACRA 16 Spi D/H

2nd Will Smith & Will Smith                           FORMULA 18

3rd Will Smith                                               CONTENDER

Slow Double

1st Will Smith & Will Smith                            FF

2nd Will Smith & Will Smith                           RS200

3rd Will Smith & Will Smith                           FF

Slow single

1st Will Smith                                                      LASER

2nd Will Smith                                                     LASER

3rd Will Smith                                                     LASER

I am going away for a couple of weeks from the beginning of July so if anyone wants to guest for me please let me know.

Wednesday 20th June 2018

We had a decent breeze tonight but it was shifting right to left and back again which made it a little tricky for Robin to set a course. All was good in the end.

There were few surprises in the fast fleet with Jon Sweet taking the honours once again, this time with Olly Dwight. David Annan made it this week and sailed well to finished 2nd in his MUSTO SKIFF

The slow double heeded my warning and it was pleasing to see twelve, mainly Flying Fifteens make the start. This week David Philpott got the better of Bob Gatton to finish 2nd.

There are two worthy of mention in the Slow Single start. First of all Steve James made the podium for the first time this year but more importantly Natalie Bartlett finished in the top ten ahead of some very experienced sailors.

Natalie has progressed through our Pathway program so congratulations to her, the training team and Ian who has given a huge amount of his time on Saturdays (and Tuesdays – ed.) developing her skills and confidence to take part in very competitive Wednesday evening racing.

Hopefully this may encourage a few more Saturday sailors to take the plunge!


Fast Fleet.

1st Jon Sweet & Olly Dwight                         FORMULA 18

2nd David Annan                                         MUSTO SKIFF

3rd Mark Rushton                                        Contender

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson                  FF

2nd David Philpott & John Forsdike                FF

3rd Bob Gatton & Jim Coates                        FF

Slow single

1st Phil Bevan                                                     LASER

2nd David Williams                                            LASER

3rd Steve James                                                 LASER

I am going away for a couple of weeks from the beginning of July so if anyone wants to guest for me please let me know.

Wednesday 13th June

Thanks to Hilary for being my 1st guest blogger last week.

F5 Gusty or what!!

Considering these conditions it was great to see 47 boats on the water although it is a little disappointing that there were only 8 competing in the Slow Double. Maybe we only need two starts on occasions?

I know Will Smith is a good sailor but to finish 1st and 2nd is some achievement or do we have two Will Smiths? The fast Cats were lapping it up in these conditions. A dodgy knee was not going to stop Sarah helping her dad to 3rd place in their RS200 in the slow double fleet. Good effort!

The Slow single fleet was dominated by the heavy weather Laser sailors showing great skill and technique to the rest of us.

Two people are out sailing when suddenly a hand appears in the sea. What’s this? asked the skipper, “It looks as if someone is drowning!” “No,” explained his crew. “It’s just a little wave”



Fast Fleet.

1st Stewart & Will Smith                                NACRA16 Spi D/H

2nd Jon Sweet & Will Smith                           FORMULA 18

3rd Stuart Snell                                             SPRINT 15

Slow Double

1st Geoff Floyd & Colin Gilbert                      FF

2nd Bob Gatton & Colin Gilbert                     FF

3rd Guy & Sarah Humphrey                          RS 200

Slow single

1st Phil Bevan                                                  LASER

2nd Robin Annett                                              LASER

3rd Robbie MacDonald                                     LASER


Wednesday 6th June

As Joe is away, this week’s blog is brought to you by the Webmaster.

Joe’s weather promise of last week was spot on with lovely sunshine and F3. Surprisingly given the conditions the turn out was not as big as on  some occasions, with 12 in the fast fleet, 13 in the slow double-handers and 23 in the slow single handers.

Perhaps a lot of people are away but if they are not sailing somewhere else they would be disappointed to miss this.

The dominance of the cats at the top of the fast fleet was broken, with Alisdair James in a Canoe winning and asymmetric monohulls in 2nd and 3rd.

As usual Peter and Simon led the slow double-handers, with a further 9 Flying Fifteens behind them. The Laser dominance of the past few weeks in the slow single-handers was slightly interrupted as Ewan Birkin-Walls sneaked into third place.


Fast Fleet.

1st Alisdair James                                    INTERNATIONAL CANOE

2nd Duncan Simonds & Andy Johnson      RS400

3rd Peter Curtis & Steve Crammond          RS500

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson              FF

2nd Jonathan Knight & Trish Knight           FF

3rd Geoff Floyd & Colin Gilbert                 FF

Slow single

1st David Williams                           LASER

2nd Flynn Davies                              LASER

3rd Ewan Birkin-Walls                       SOLO

Normal service will resume next week when Joe will be back.

Wednesday 30th May 2018

A steady 1 knt north easterly puff enticed 14 die hards to drift around for an hour. Sailors are a strange breed!

With many struggling to make the start on time the Rib helped by towing a few out to the race area. Joe McManniman was towed out and released with such gusto that he crossed the start in perfect timing at 6 knts. Joe felt so guilty about his fortune that he decided to sail in reverse to ensure that the usual finishing order wouldn’t be messed up. What a gentleman and sportsman!

Meanwhile up in the bar Stephen Clemmet dazzled us with his amazing card tricks. Stephen should definitely enter BGT next year. Six participated in the inaugural GWSC card school.

John ‘ the snake’ Aston meant business and won Chase the Ace with ease.


Fast Fleet.

No takers

Slow Double

1st Nigel & Fiona Denchfield                     LARK

2nd David Philpott & John Forsdike            FF

3rd Brian Appleyard & Matt Hood              FF

Slow single

1st Phil Bevan                                                    LASER

2nd Flynn Davis                                                 LASER

3rd David Williams                                            LASER

Next week will be sunny , warm and F3-F4 guaranteed!!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018


A cold north F5 occasionally F6. Sounds familiar! These were extremely testing conditions and I salute all those who took part. Some of our best club sailors went swimming but all completed the race.

Eight competed in the Fast fleet with the Cats dominating. Peter and Simon came out on top in a four boat race and in the slow single Dan Wigmore edged out Robin Annett and 17 others to be within 2 wins for the title.


Fast Fleet.

1st Stuart Snell                                 SPRINT 15

2nd Richard Philpott                         SPRINT 15

3rd Jon Sweet & Will Smith               FORMULA 18

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson              FF

2nd Nigel Cady & Ken Norris                    FF

3rd Bob Gatton & Jim Coates                   FF

Slow single

1st Daniel Wigmore                                          LASER

2nd Robin Annett                                              LASER

3rd Dave Maclay                                              LASER

The quiz question (Answer: FRED AND WILMA FLINTSTONE) was correctly answered by Steve James who wins Dinner at the club next Wednesday.

Wednesday 16th May 2018

A cold north F5 greeted the few hardy souls. The wind contributed to a few casualties across the fleets. One broken rudder in the fast fleet meant that only three out of the four finished.

It must have been a birthday in FF 3969 as one Flying fifteen sailed one tack without a jib and the other sailed the wrong course. Can I please remind you all that Peter and Simon do not need any special favours!

The slow fleet had an impressive 19 entries with two casualties. Steve Pantry sailing a Blaze snapped his centre board and my traveller block snapped.

On a positive note the reaches were exhilarating and shepherd’s pie was yum!!


Fast Fleet.

1st Mark Rushton                                   CONTENDER

2nd David Marchant & Matt Reynolds     4000

3rd Will Smith                                        NACRA 16 SOLO SPRINT

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson              FF

2nd Geoff Floyd & Colin Gilbert                FF

3rd Bob Gatton & Jim Coates                    FF

Slow single

1st Daniel Wigmore                                          LASER

2nd Dave Maclay                                              LASER

3rd Flynn Davis                                                 LASER RADIAL

Roll over quiz question as nobody has even had a guess.

Quiz question: Who were the first couple to appear in bed together on prime time TV?

Dinner on me this Wednesday  for the first person to answer correctly.

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Another F3 from the west in the warm evening sunshine. It was good to see over 50 boats on the water for the second time this year.

The Fast Fleet were taken by surprise as they failed to notice a well camouflaged Int Canoe sneak past on the blind side to secure victory. I think Alisdair will give Will and Jon a run for their money this year.

Normal service was resumed in the Slow Double fleet with Peter and Simon obtaining another 1st place this time from Nigel and Fiona in a Lark. This was a great result for the Denchfields, and it would be no surprise to see them achieve podium positions on a regular basis.

Slow single fleet: ‘Tortoise gate’

Paul Murphy was in the dog house and thought he may have to go home as he had lost his daughter’s Tortoise. Don’t ask me how. He decided to stay and face the music later. He went off like the proverbial Hare and we never got in touching distance of his tail.


Fast Fleet.

1st Alisdair James                         INT. CANOE

2nd Will Smith                              NACRA 17 OLYMPIC FOILER

3rd Jon Sweet & Olly Dwight         FORMULA18

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson              FF

2nd Nigel & Fiona Denchfield                   LARK

3rd Gordon Oscroft & Alister Gray            FF

Slow single

1st Paul Murphy                                       D-ZERO

2nd Robbie MacDonald                            LASER

3rd Colin Glover                                      D-ZERO

Quiz question: Who were the first couple to appear in bed together on prime time TV?

Dinner on me this Wednesday for the first person to answer correctly.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018


F3 Westerly in the warm evening sunshine. It was no surprise that the number of competitors increased from last week.

The Fast Fleet went off clean and tidy and once again Jon and Will dominated but this time sailing a FORMULA 18.

With the RS600 open looming on the horizon David Goudie swapped his SOLO for his RS600 and must have been delighted with a second place.

The Slow Double fleet was dominated by Flying Fifteens in a colossal battle.

Jon and Trish Knight sailed a faultless race just edging out the pre-race favourites by only a few seconds.

Bish, bash. bosh! The Slow Single fleet started in complete carnage at the starboard end of the line.

General recall, what no general recall! I was gutted, but not as much as Dave Williams who went swimming.

Phil Beven claimed skulduggery in my attempts to engineer a D-ZERO victory for Neil Washington by sailing on top of him at every opportunity. I can assure you I am not that good.

I need to give a special mention to Paul Murphy who finished a fine fourth!! You may have heard Paul talk about this one or twice yesterday evening.


Fast Fleet.

1st Jon Sweet and Will Smith                        FORMULA 18

2nd David Goudie                                       RS600

3rd Richard Philpott                                     SPRINT 15

Slow Double

1st Jonathan and Trish Knight                   FF

2nd Mark Aldridge and Peter Saxton         FF

3rd Dave Philpott and John Forsdike         FF

Slow single

1st Phil Bevan                                                  LASER

2nd Ewan Birkin-Walls                                      SOLO

3rd Neil Washington                                        D-ZERO

Wednesday 25th April 2018


Photos Dave Philpott

Zephyr must have got up the wrong side of bed this morning.

With shifting winds, gusts up to 28 knots and a wave or two, mistakes were costly.

In these conditions the cream generally rises to the top. In particular Daniel Wigmore finished over a minute in front of his nearest rivals.

For those who have not yet tried the Wednesday series come and give it ago.

The racing is followed by the very well supported meal and a drink in the Top bar.


Fast Fleet.

1st Stewart Smith & Jon Sweet                             NACRA 16 SPi D/H

2nd Stuart Snell                                                  SPRINT 15

3rd Mark Rushton                                              CONTENDER

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Mark ALDRIDGE              FF

2nd Geoff Floyd & Colin Gilbert                   FF

3rd Graham Wadeley & Angela Tasker        FF

Slow single

1st Daniel Wigmore                                            LASER

2nd Dave Maclay                                                LASER

3rd Phil Bevan                                                     LASER

If anyone wants to know any more about the Wednesday series please give me a call.

Joe Constable

07801 927719

Wednesday 18th April 2018

The Wednesday evening series finally got under way yesterday 18th April with a bang!

An excellent course, beautiful weather and a 20knt south easterly breeze. What could be better?

Dave Williams who was race officer sent us up to Q. You may ask where is Q?

Neil Klabe bravely set off before the race to locate this satellite station returning with the required information. “its in the forest up near the dam”

A marathon beat followed by a reach a run two more reaches and a final beat to the finish.

Big smiles everywhere said it all.

For those who have not yet tried the Wednesday series come and give it ago.

The racing is followed by the very well supported meal and a drink in the Top bar.


Fast Fleet.

1st Will & Stew Smith                                     Nacra 16 SPi D/H

2nd Peter Curtis & Steve Crammond              RS500

3rd Guy & Sarah Humphrey                          RS800

Slow Double

1st Peter Saxton & Simon Dabson              FF

2nd Mark Aldridge & Richard Ledger         FF

3rd Les Rant & Susie Sontag                      FF

Slow single

1st Daniel Wigmore                                         Laser

2nd Neil Washington                                        D-ZERO

3rd Robbie MacDonald                                    Laser

If anyone wants to know any more about the Wednesday series please give me a call.

Joe Constable

07801 927719