Winter Series Prizegiving

The prizegiving for the Winter Series will be held on Sunday 2nd February after racing, in the Cafe. Apologies to the winners of the Autumn Series who have not yet received their prizes, these will also be presented on Sunday.

The Winter Series winners are:

1st Asy Mono Handicap 4000 4682 John Reynolds Fran Howell

2nd Asy Mono Handicap RS800 825 Peter Curtis James Curtis

1st D-Zero 3 John Aston

2nd D-Zero 5 Greame Tumber

1st Fast Handicap RS600 838 Brian Briggs

1st Laser 215157 David Summerville

2nd Laser 197363 Richard Major

1st Laser Radial 215377 Richard Major

2nd Laser Radial 186677 Jonathan Powell

1st Laser 4.7 200489 Andy Baker

1st Multihull Handicap Spitfire Spi S/H 055 Christian Mash

2nd Multihull Handicap Spitfire Spi S/H 124 Kevin Cummerson

3rd Multihull Handicap Formula 18 1581  Jon Sweet Will Smith

1st Slow Double Handicap Flying 15 3794 Dave Philpott John Forsdike

2nd Slow Double Handicap Flying 15 3550 Les Rant Susie Sontag

1st non FF15 Slow Double Handicap Lark 2459 Nigel Denchfield Fiona Denchfield

1st Slow Single Handicap Solo 5835 Dave Lucas

2nd Slow Single Handicap Solo 5586 Ian Walters

3rd Slow Single Handicap Solo  5827 Ewan Birkin-Walls