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Ovington Inlands 2023

18th/19th March 2023

Sailing Instructions

1815 Sat 18 March SSI No1
Bravo Race Track Race 4 will be held on Sunday 19 March with a scheduled First Warning Signal of 1027. Races 5, 6 & 7 will follow back to back.. This amends SI6.3

1820 Sat 18 March SSI No 2

Addendum A is amended to include an additional Course Option for the Bravo Track as follows:

Outer Loop/Trapezoid Course

The purpose of this change is to give the RO additional course configuration options to try and ease conflict between fleets on the Race Track

Pre-Event Guidance

The competitor briefing will take place on the shoreside outside the cafe at 1030


Course Area

The Course areas for Sunday will be;

Course Alpha SW

Course Bravo: NW


Course Areas (see map below):

Prize Giving

To allow competitors in the Alpha fleet to get away we will split the prize giving.

The Alpha fleet (Skiff, VXOne and 505) will be at 1450
The Bravo fleet (Phantom, OK, Ff) will be at approx 1520

Both in the bar on the top floor of the Clubhouse

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Covid-19 Operating Procedures