• About the Club

    The club has been running for more than fifty years and has about 1,200 members using almost 600 boats – and facilities to match!

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  • About the Lake

    At about 3 miles long and, at its maximum, 1.5 miles wide, Grafham Water is one of the best inland sailing venues in the UK.

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  • Where we are

    The club is located three miles from the A1/A14 junction, between Bedford, Northampton, Cambridge and Peterborough and about 60 miles north of London.

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  • What we sail

    Almost anything! Our members sail dinghies, catamarans, sailboards, day keelboats and small sailing cruisers.

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  • Who can sail?

    The club caters for groups and individuals of all sailing abilities from beginners through to the very experienced. Newcomers to sailing can learn to sail through sailing lessons with our RYA accredited Training Centre.

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  • Learn to sail?

    The Club is an RYA Recognised Training Centre: we offer RYA certified training courses in dinghy sailing, windsurfing and power boating that we can tailor to different ages and experience levels.

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  • Safety

    Our professional and qualified coxswains provide top-class on-water safety cover seven days a week. At weekends, the coxswains are supported by RYA-qualified volunteer safety boat crews.

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  • Shore-side

    Our large clubhouse (on three levels) includes a café on the ground floor, large changing rooms on the middle floor and a smart ‘dry bar’ with spectacular views across the lake on the upper level.

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  • Membership

    Membership is open to sailors and non sailors of all ages. Non boat owners can join the Club and use the small fleet of club boats. Day visitors, with their own dinghy or sailboard are always welcome.

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  • No Boat?

    Join us and get access to our growing fleet of Club boats – or check out our Crew Register.

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    Crew Register


Before visiting the club please be sure to check the Covid-19 Operating Procedures.

Keep an eye on the Coronavirus Blog which is being regularly updated (last update 8th August).

A Message from Roy Harold – Club Safety Advisor

Now that we are a couple of months into re-opening under Covid-Secure requirements, it falls to me as the Club Safety Advisor to review how things are going so far. In preparing to re-open, the Club’s Emergency Management Team agreed to adhere both in letter and in spirit to Government guidance and RYA advice. Our risk assessment identified that, following a much longer than normal winter lay-up, both boats and sailors would probably not be in absolutely tip-top condition, and that we should therefore emphasise the RYA advice to carefully and fully check boats, and to sail conservatively and well within your normal limits of capability. Additionally, in order to comply with Government social distancing guidance, safety cover can currently only be reactive, and in extremis for life-saving actions only. This restriction only serves to reinforce the need to make sure both you and your vessel can comfortably cope with prevailing conditions – “if in doubt, don’t go out” might be a useful catchphrase.

So, how have things turned out since re-opening? We have had a total of 15 rescues, 13 by coxswains and 2 by volunteer safety boat crews. There is a pattern, and it’s pretty much as anticipated – shrouds parting leading to dismasting, and sailors unable to competently crew the dinghy they are in, which in several cases wasn’t the one they’d last sailed back before the world went crazy. We are also seeing people who are clearly feeling a bit frazzled by that crazy world we are all now living in, so we all perhaps need to remind ourselves that we are a sailing club, take a breath, and preserve the decorum, courtesies and old world charm that makes sailing such a fun thing to do – “be nice to each other” sounds a bit trite, but it might be our other new catchphrase.

I’ll end by wishing you all fair winds, and I hope to see you on the water just as soon as I manage to get all the cobwebs off my own dinghy!

Forthcoming Events

Click here to view a complete list of forthcoming open meetings at Grafham with links to documentation.

5-6 September 2020 RS600 & DZero Inlands Notice of Race (amended 06/08/20)

Online entry, camper van and camping booking is now via the WebCollect system.


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