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2023 Results

GILL Grafham Grand Prix 41st Slow Fleet

GILL Grafham Grand Prix 41st Medium Fleet

GILL Grafham Grand Prix 41st Fast Fleet

ILCA Masters Inlands 2023

Dart 15 Inlands 2023

Medium Handicap Catamaran Open 2023

RS Inlands 2023

Supernova Inlands 2023

Gill Fast Catamaran Open 2023

Streaker Nationals 2023

RS Feva GP 2023

RYA Eastern Region Junior Championships (on RYA website)

Cambs Youth League 2023

Gill ILCA Laser Traveller Open 2023

Gill Flying Fifteen Open 2023

Gill Europe Inlands 2023

RS600 Inlands 2023

Peter Waghorn Regatta Overall 2023

Peter Waghorn Regatta AM 2023

Gill International Moth Inland Championships

Ovington Inlands 2023

Gill Dart 15 Winter TT 2023

Gill Grafham Grand Prix 40th Slow Fleet

Gill Grafham Grand Prix 40th Medium Fleet

Gill Grafham Grand Prix 40th Fast Fleet

2022 Results  

420 End of Seasons 

Catamaran Open – Course A including A Class Nationals

Catamaran Open – Course B

RS200, RS400 and RS800 Inlands 2022

NSSA Mount Haes 

NSSA Wednesday Single Handed Race

NSSA Wednesday Pursuit Race

NSSA 2022 Fast Handicap Fleet

NSSA 2022 Medium Handicap Fleet

NSSA 2022 Slow Handicap Fleet

NSSA 2022 Laser Radial Fleet

NSSA 2022 Laser 4.7 Fleet

NSSA 2022 Topper Fleet

NSSA 2022 Rookie Topper Fleet

NSSA 2022 Rookie Handicap Fleet

Gill Graduate Nationals 2022

Gill Heron Nationals 2022

Flying Fifteen Inlands 2022

Cambs Youth League 2022 

RS600 Inland Championship, Gill DZero Open Meeting, Gill Streaker Inland Championship 2022

International Moth Inlands 2022

Gill Easter Egg Youth Regatta 2022

Ovington Inlands 2022

Gill Sprint 15 Winter TT 2022

29er Winters 2022

2021 Results 

Catamaran Open Alpha Course 2021

Catamaran Open Bravo Course 2021

ILCA Masters 2021

RS 200/400/800 Inlands 2021

Solo Inlands 2021

Bank Holiday Regatta 2021

RS600 Inland Championships and DZero Open 2021

Merlin Rocket and Flying Fifteen 2021

Grafham Belle 2021

International Moth Inlands 2021

Fox’s Great Eastern Tour RS200 Open

Youth Easter Egg Regatta 2021

Optimist Easter Egg 2021

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