All members are kindly reminded to sign on for the racing, this confirms your acceptance of the Racing Rules of Sailing.  This can be done easily and up to a week in advance by following the links to the signing on pages on the website, these are: Sign on for Sunday Racing; Sign on for Wednesday Racing. If for some reason you are unable to do this, or have forgotten, you can approach the Committee boat and ask them to sign you on or call into the office immediately after sailing. Anyone who has not signed on for the day’s racing must keep clear of the race area.  This is because the Racing Rules of Sailing will not apply to you, however those competing would expect them to if they perceive you as racing.

Council has implemented a procedure to ensure that this requirement is complied with and failure to sign on for racing and then participation in the race will invoke the following procedure:

First occasion. Member is emailed to inform them that they had not signed on for Club Racing

Second occasion. The matter will be escalated to the Sub-Committee appointed by Council to review such matters and member advised of the outcome. Likely outcomes are a second reminder, with sanctions imposed if further infringements occur.

Third occasion. The Sub-Committee will propose the appropriate sanction, ie prohibited from sailing whilst Club Racing is taking place, for a period of time. The member will be informed and will be invited to a meeting where a final decision will be made

Failure by the member to comply with the sanction(s) imposed will be referred to Council for further investigation under this process.

We thank you for helping to keep our lake a safe, enjoyable place for racers, cruisers and learners.