Open Meetings 2024

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Month Date Event 
March3Dart 15 Winter TT 
 16/17Ovington Inland Championship
 April2/4BUSA Finals
13/14ITCA NS3
27/28Gill Fireball and Cherub Open
May11/12Gill Europe Open and Enterprise Inlands
25/26Wanderer Event
June1Cambs Youth League
8/9 Gill Moth Inlands
22/23RYA ERJC Cancelled
July6/7Fast Catamaran Open Meeting
20/21Gill Flying Fifteen Inlands
September7/8Gill Solo Inland Championship
14/15Gill Scorpion Open and Lark Inlands
29D-Zero Open
October5/6RS 200/400/800 Inland Championship
26/27Gill Medium Catamaran Open Meeting
26/27Gill Dart 15 Inland Championship
November2/3ILCA Inland Championship
11/12420 End of Seasons Championship