Our weather station uses Cumulus by SandaySoft. There is an extensive Wiki describing the features available in this program at http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/.

Weather reports from the UK MetOffice specify a 10 minute wind average for wind speed and the peak gust over the last 10 minutes. This is an accepted standard for weather forecasts but smooths out the peaks and troughs in the wind we actually see on a typical leg of a race course. A secondary standard is the two minute average and gust. Most sailing clubs use the two minute standard and our station has been set to this using the ini file configuration switches. A list of the switches can be found at http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/a/Cumulus.ini#File_Contents

Similarly direction data has been set to the 5 minute average. A two minute average was tried but found to produce a scatter diagram resembling the red current reading points on the direction graph. 5 minutes appears to give a meaningful graph and better sensitivity than a 10 minutes average.

Latest data on the dials and direction graph is the 3 second average at the time of the one minute sample as described at http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/a/FAQ#What_do_the_various_wind_speeds_in_Cumulus_correspond_to.2C_with_Davis_stations.3F

The text speed and beaufort is the 2 minute average.

Pages are constructed using webtags. The page containing the web tags is processed at a set time and the page uploaded with a new set of data. Cumulus supports two upload times and they are set to 1 minute for text data and 15 minutes for graphical data. A full list of webtags can be found at http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/a/Webtags#The_Tags