Autumn Series Prizegiving

The prize-giving for the Autumn series will be held after racing on Sunday 11th November. The winners are:


1st Allcomers Slow Solo 5586 Ian Waters

2nd Allcomers Slow Solo 4040 Dave Goudie

3rd Allcomers Slow Solo 5738 Ewan Birkin-Walls

1st Fast RS600 866 Brian Briggs

1st Asy Monohull 2000 2714 Andy Baldwin Mark Baldwin

2nd Asy Monohull RS200 1629 Philip Bailey  Helen Bailey

1st Asymmetric Multihull Spitfire Spi S/H 124 Kevin Cummerson

2nd Asymmetric Multihull Prindle 15 Spi 549 Gerry Reeve

1st D-Zero 227 C Glover

2nd D-Zero 266 David Papworth

1st Flying Fifteen 3789 Allen Cave Ashley Painter

2nd Flying Fifteen 3794 Dave Philpott Susie Sontag/Katie Wyatt/Hanna

1st Laser 215157 David Summerville

2nd Laser 215159 Steve James

3rd Laser 202072 Barrie Holden

1st Laser Radial 182593 Ciaran Randeria

1st Multihull Fast DX Catamaran 1589 Ashleigh Reeves


1st Fast 4000 4701 David Marchant Fran Howell

1st Slow Single Handed Solo 5586 Ian Walters

2nd Slow Single Handed Laser 202072 Barrie Holden

3rd Slow Single Handed Laser 179806 Pete Windsor

1st Slow Two Handed Flying 15 3789 Allen Cave Ashley Painter

2nd Slow Two Handed Lark 2459 Nigel Denchfield Fiona Denchfield

3rd Slow Two Handed Flying 15 3794 Dave Philpott Susie Sontag/Hanna