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Friday 9th August

The last day dawned pretty windy, with everyone looking forward to the Regatta with some trepidation. After the briefing and getting the boats ready, the sailors set sail in nine boats. The winners managed three laps  and all finished the race in very challenging conditions.

1st Josh, Lloyd and Owen         Laser Stratos

2nd Matt                                  Topper

3rd Sammy-Jo and Tara            Pico

4th Archie, Dom and Hayden     2000

5th Jodie and Abi                       Pico

6th Skye and Emilie                    Pico

7th Poppy                                  Optimist

8th Gemma and Isla                   Pico

9th Lulu, Rosa and Kiera             2000

Once back ashore, it was time for the prize-giving and everyone was given a certificate for their attendance. While the parents took down the camp site, Matt, Mandy, Reece and Abi played manhunt with the kids. Then it was time to say goodbye and look forward to next year.

Thursday 8th August

 A gloriously sunny morning and today it’s Cat and 2000 sailing. At 9am the instructor team were busy rigging three Dart 16s and two 2000s.

After the group briefing where Mandy told everyone which groups they would be in, the sailors split for two separate briefings.

Gordy and Stephen explained how sail settings are different on a catamaran (there is a video extract on the club Facebook page @grafhamwatersc).

Matt explained that the tacking technique in a 2000 is different from the single-handers they have been sailing all week while Tara and Abi demonstrated. Then everyone had a chance to practice for themselves.

Once out on the water it was sailing around a course taking it in turns to helm. The 2000 sailors soon discovered that, when tacking, forgetting to pop the top batten or change the side the jib is cleated means you go really slowly.

This afternoon it will be all change so those who were sailing Cats will be in 2000s or the Stratos, and those in dinghies this morning will have their turn in Cats. The plan is to sail right across the lake towards the north-east shore.

Scroll through Thursday’s photo gallery below:

20190808_085730    20190808_085741    20190808_090604    20190808_090624    20190808_093706   20190808_093724   20190808_093806   20190808_093922   20190808_093932   20190808_094017   20190808_094046   20190808_094048   20190808_094051   20190808_094124   20190808_094127   20190808_094231   20190808_094237   20190808_103558 20190808_104042 20190808_104044 20190808_104128 20190808_104130 20190808_104310 20190808_104317 20190808_104326 20190808_104355 20190808_104735 20190808_104742 20190808_104753

Wednesday 7th August

A breezy morning greeted the summer campers this morning and ‘big boat sailing’ was on the agenda. While one group were driven out to the Shuttleworth 707 in a RIB the other sailors split into two groups. One group worked on improving their boat handling, while the others did racing practice, including working on starts. A second group also had a go on the 707 before lunch and Matt said some of the sailors were even steering the cruiser. Mandy said that everyone’s sailing has already improved this week.

After lunch the other groups had a chance to go on the cruiser. Meanwhile most of the dinghy sailors did a Tower Dash. This involves sailing from the club shore, round the aeration tower on the north shore and back to the club. The wind got quite strong and Mandy said everyone coped very well.

At the end of the afternoon there was another game of Squidditch which ended in a nil-nil draw.

Scroll through Wednesday’s photo gallery below:

P1000500   P1000499    P1000507    P1000505    P1000504    P1000503    P1000502    P1000501    P1000508    P1050685    P1050686    20190807_105242    Wednesday1    Wednesday2    20190807_134225   20190807_171954 20190807_172046 20190807_172259 20190807_172319 20190807_172341 20190807_172438

Tuesday 6th August

Another bright morning greeted the sailors who seemed to have recovered from yesterday’s exertions. They gathered in the cafe for a briefing on this morning’s activities. One group were sent off with Tim and Angus for windsurfing, while the others were told about the Treasure Hunt. Matt explained that there are 14 letters attached to buoys on the water and 7 more letters on land. The sailors were put into pairs and sent off to first find all the 14 letters on the water.


Tim demonstrates how to handle the windsurfer rig  while the Picos set off in search of letters.


Once all the letters on the water had been found, the teams lined up to search for the 7 letters on shore. Then it was time to unscramble the letters into a word and a phrase. The word was “Hippocrocapigs”, which apparently are mystical creature that live near the Tower. The phrase was “Course made Good”.

The morning was rounded off with a game of Squidditch. This involved two teams of Picos (light blue sails versus dark blue sails) who had to pass a ball between the boats and then score a goal by sailing between a pair of dan buoys with the ball. The dark blues won and Matt said everyone did really well.

After lunch the final group had their turn windsurfing, while the sailors did a relay race. This involved one boat from each team sailing to the pontoon, putting a tennis ball in the orange bucket, sailing through both Squidditch goals and round X, then back to the pontoon to pick up the ball and return to shore to hand to the next team members.

After this it was How many people can you get on a Pico? Two Picos laden with 8 people each sailed off the beach, round a mooring buoy and back to the beach.

The day ended with a windsurfing lesson for the instructors. Matt, Mandy, Abi, Tara, Nathaniel, Reece and Alex were shown the basics by Angus and then set off with varying degrees of success. It soon became clear who had done it before (mostly Mandy). Matt got tangled up with the pontoon mooring rope and several others had to be helped by Angus in the RIB. A large group of kids assembled to watch proceedings and found it hilarious

Scroll through Tuesday’s photo gallery below:

20190806_093812 20190806_102042 20190806_102059 20190806_102108 20190806_110856 20190806_113432 20190806_114132 20190806_114511    20190806_114623     20190806_114801       20190806_114854       20190806_115136         20190806_115146          20190806_115214          20190806_115405          20190806_115613 1          20190806_135057          20190806_135151          20190806_135523          20190806_135544          20190806_135640          20190806_135644          20190806_135653          20190806_135714          20190806_135715          20190806_140012          20190806_140059          20190806_140110          20190806_140219          20190806_140248          20190806_141054          20190806_141104          20190806_144530          20190806_144533          20190806_144550          20190806_144640          20190806_144652          20190806_144718          20190806_144805          20190806_144901          20190806_145015          P1000430         P1000431         P1000432         P1000433         P1000434         P1000435         P1000436         P1000437         P1000438         P1000439         P1000440         P1000441         P1000442         P1000443         P1000444         P1000445         P1000446         P1000447         P1000448         P1000449         P1000450         P1000451         P1000452         P1000453         P1000454         P1000455         P1000456         P1000457         P1000458         P1000459         P1000460         P1000461         P1000462         P1000463         P1000464         P1000465         P1000466         P1000467         P1000468         P1000469         P1000470         P1000471         P1000472         P1000473         P1000474         P1000475         P1000476         P1000477         P1000478         P1000479         P1000480         P1000481         P1000482         P1000483         P1000484         P1000485         P1000486         P1000487         P1000488         P1000489         P1000490         P1000491         P1000492         P1000493         P1000494         P1000495         20190806_164123   20190806_164848   20190806_165114   kidsonbikes   LloydHayden

Monday 5th August

Summer Camp 2019 got underway this morning with 21 youngsters joining Matt and his team of instructors and helpers. A bit of early drizzle didn’t put anyone off and by launch time the sun was out.

At 9am Gordy was busy rigging up 6 windsurfers.

The day started with a briefing by Matt where everyone was told what group they were in, who all the instructors are, and the ground rules for the week.

Then it was all outside for a team photo before getting ready to launch.



This morning three of the groups did sailing, while the fourth started with the basics of windsurfing.

Lunch was enjoyed in the cafe and then it was back out on the water with a second group on the windsurfers with Gordy and Tim and the rest sailing round a triangle course. Matt and Mandy were encouraging the young sailors to think about trim, balance, sail and dagger-board settings.

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20190805_090823             20190805_090835              20190805_092427               20190805_092434                20190805_093734                 20190805_093851                  20190805_093857                   20190805_093859                    20190805_094502                     20190805_094503                        20190805_094505                        20190805_102013                        20190805_102039                        20190805_102044                        20190805_103106                        20190805_103119                        20190805_103129                        20190805_103218                        20190805_103302                        20190805_111231                        20190805_123522                        20190805_123559(0)                        20190805_123559                        20190805_123622                        20190805_151857(0)                      20190805_151857                      20190805_151859                      20190805_151914                      20190805_151916                      20190805_151945                      20190805_151948                      20190805_152018                      20190805_152020                      20190805_152024                      20190805_152100                      20190805_152101                      20190805_152121                      20190805_152122                      20190805_152149                      20190805_152150                      20190805_152151                      20190805_152215                      20190805_152219                      20190805_152222                      20190805_152303                      20190805_152304                      20190805_152402                      20190805_152420                      20190805_152421                      20190805_152457                      20190805_152458                      20190805_152541                      20190805_152542                      20190805_152631                      20190805_152635                      20190805_152730                      20190805_152733                      20190805_152754                      20190805_152758                      20190805_152832                      20190805_152833                      20190805_152836                      launching1                      Topper1                      20190806_093812                    20190806_102042                    20190806_102059                    20190806_102108                    P1000398                    P1000399                    P1000400                    P1000401                    P1000402                    P1000403                    P1000406                    P1000408                    P1000409                    P1000411                    P1000412                    P1000413                    P1000414                    P1000415                    P1000416                    P1000417                    P1000418                    P1000419                    P1000420                    P1000421                    P1000422                    P1000423                    P1000424                    P1000425                    P1000426                    P1000427                    P1000428                    P1000429                    P1050685                    P1050686