Wednesday Evening Blog

Welcome to the 2019 Wednesday Evening Series. Joe’s blog is back!

24th April 2019

‘ Titled, don’t mention L’

Incredibly 48 turned out this week. F4 gusty and shifty conditions made this a challenge at times. Steve James and one or two others kept Peter Saxton busy in the rescue boat.

The race officer for the evening was Dave Philpott aka evil little monkey. Setting an M shaped course with Lambda as the top mark made life a trifle awkward. Within 30m of the buoy I had to tack 109 times! I think ^ should only be used for leeward marks in future. In all honesty despite ^ it was good to have a different shaped course and the reaches were terrific.

Young Alexander Maclay, gaining his first bullet of the series has become a very talented sailor and for sure will be in the final shake up.


Fast Fleet.

1st           Stuart Snell                     SPRINT 15

2nd          Peter & James Curtis       RS500

3rd           Alistair Farman              RS600

Slow Double

1st           Les Rant & Susie Sontag  FF

2nd          Barry & Katy Wyatt          FF

3rd           Geoff Floyd & Gilbert     FF

Slow Single Fleet

1st Alexander Maclay                    TOPPER

2nd Joel Walker                            D-ZERO

3rd Daniel Wigmore                      LASER

17th April 2019

This week was all about our development squad, ‘TEAM GRAFHAM’. This was their first experience of racing in the Wednesday evening series. The sun had his hat on and the wind strength was around F2.

Five took part and enjoyed some very close racing.

Matthew Donley

Lloyd Bigger

Owen Pope

Adele Burbidge

Josh Donley

We must thank Mandy and her team for giving up many spare hours coaching most weekends and she must feel very proud of these young boys and girls.

This is exciting times for our junior members and it will be fascinating watching their progression over the coming months.

10th April 2019

The Wednesday evening series sprang into action with a NE F4. This certainly blew a few cobwebs away and exposed some rusty techniques. I noticed a couple of capsized chaps before the start and one numpty even let go of his tiller on the start line inducing minor chaos (sorry about that)!

As is now the customary tradition, Ann and her trusted team of Barry and Steve managed the first race of the series. They were a bit trigger happy with the hooter according to Robin. Personally I didn’t notice as I was too busy apologising to Dave Williams at the time.

Officially 45 boats made it in time which is a great effort.

Neil Klabe was first of the ten entries in the fast fleet which he won by the considerable margin of eleven minutes, quite impressive.

Five FF and a solo Lark entered the Slow Double fleet. Talking of Solos they seem to be the single handed Flying Fifteen as several ex FF sailors have moved over to give Ewan some serious competition amongst the Slow single fleet.

The long range forecast looks great for the next five months so we should see record turn outs this year!



1  Neil Klabe                                           A CLASS CLASSIC

2  Stuart Snell                                          SPRINT 15

3  John Reynolds & Dave Marchant          4000


1  Nigel Cady & Ken Norris            FF

2  Jonathan & Trish Knight             FF

3  Dave Philpott & ??                     FF


1  Joel Walker                    D-ZERO

2  Dan Wigmore                LASER

3  Dave Maclay                  LASER