Winter Series Prizewinners

The prize giving for the Winter series will be on Sunday 3rd February. The winners are:

1st Allcomers Slow Solo 5586 Ian Walters

2nd Allcomers Slow Solo 5827 Ewan Birkin-Walls

3rd Allcomers Slow Solo 5835 Dave Lucas

1st Fast RS300 539 Peter Curtis

1st Fast Contender 643 Mark Rushton

1st Fast RS600 866 Brian Briggs

Tie unable to be broken – share prize

1st Asymmetric Multihull  Formula 18 1581 Jon Sweet Stewart Smith

2nd Asymmetric Multihull Nacra 16 Solo Spi 063 Stewart Smith

1st Asy Monohull 4000 4701 Neil Heffernan Fran Howell

2nd Asy Monohull 4000 4682 John Reynolds Fran Howell

1st D-Zero 110 Joel Walker

2nd D-Zero 3 John Aston

1st Flying Fifteen 3583  Mike Wilczynski Jean Wilczynski

1st Laser 215157 David Summerville

2nd Laser 215159 Steve James

1st Laser Radial 213093 Mike Kinnear

2nd Laser Radial 197363 Richard Major

1st Multihull Fast Sprint 15 2022 Stuart Snell